Water baths are a necessity for the modern day chef.”

Marco Pierre White

My four Clifton Food Range® water baths are some of the most important pieces of equipment in my kitchen. The precise temperature control enables us to deliver consistently excellent meals with reduced wastage, and there’s less stress during service. They are also a key element of my training kitchen when I teach chefs the sous vide method, which I believe is an important part of the future of professional cooking. They are one of my most important kitchen tools.”

Tom Kerridge The Hand & Flowers

I have been using the famous orange handles for over 8 years now and they are still the best!

Perfect temperature every time, great for consistency and amazing customer service all the time. Nothing is ever a problem!

Well done Clifton!

Patrick Hill Head Chef , Thackerays Restaurant

Clifton water baths help our restaurants achieve consistency week in week out, their expertise in temperature control gives us the confidence required and their customer service is second to none.

The Ivy Collection Director, Mark Askew

As I have a busy kitchen it’s hard to keep an eye on precisions cooking, especially as we have many functions each day. As the head chef, knowing I have the water bath eases my worries as I can leave the bath at the desired temperature knowing it is there when I need it.

We have had the same bath for two years now and have never had an issue with it. Clifton Food Range specialises in their after care, for example if you have a question or would like to pop to their demo kitchen, they are more than welcoming.

We use various types of meat and fish here at Kendleshire; ranging from cheeks to flank to fillet to duck. No matter what I put in the bath I always get 100% yield from my food; this reflects on the plate and the diners are getting their money’s worth too. The baths are also fantastic for vegetables. To cook our carrots for lunch we use butter, thyme and garlic which is all locked in the bag where the flavour can only go into the food.

I always love bumping into the guys from Clifton at food shows as they have a massive range of product to show off this includes their tongs and Sauce Bottlewarmers – they’re on my list to buy this year!

Richard Guest Head Chef, Kendleshire Golf Club

The Clifton Water Bath gives me the confidence of achieving consistent core temperatures during service, no matter the pace.  It leaves me free enough to manage the whole kitchen and coupled with very low running cost and maintainenance free performance, I see a long partnership before us.”

Daren Barclay Chef Patron, Rock Inn, Waterrow, Taunton

Thank you all at Clifton for a fantastic visit to your demo kitchen. A day full of knowledge and great ideas. It was a memorable experience and highly recommended to any chef who wants to further their culinary skills in the area of sous vide cooking.”

Dez Turland Brend Hotels Development Chef, Saunton Sands Hotel, Braunton, North Devon

My restaurant is renowned for the imaginative dishes on offer and for giving customers a memorable dining experience and the Clifton water bath has helped me deliver on this promise.

The bath allows my chefs to maintain exceptionally high standards and to cook in a truly creative fashion. It gives a high level of consistency within the cooking ensuring taste and texture is maintained. The water bath is a real must for the modern-day chef.”

Simon Rimmer Chef/Restaurateur, Earle by Simon Rimmer, Cheshire

Here at Iberico World Tapas we have been using the water baths from Clifton Food Range for many years now. Upon opening our second site, we were given the opportunity to test the new bi-folding lids that they have developed. They have been an absolute revelation!

No more misplaced lids by kitchen porters (They are permanently fixed to the bath), no more spills! They simply glide effortlessly back making sure any condensation drips back into the bath. We will definitely be exchanging all of our earlier models lids for the new Bi-folding design. Thanks Clifton Food Range”

Jacque Ferreira Head Chef & Director, Iberico World Tapas, Nottingham

Loving the bi-fold lid….An improvement on an essential bit of kit, thanks Melvin.”

Olly Rouse Head Chef, Lainston House Hotel, Hampshire

Having a Clifton water bath in your kitchen is like having another chef close at hand, the precision and accuracy you achieve is second to none. The tenderness you can achieve even from the tougher “cheaper” cuts is perfect for a varied menu.”

Mark Greenaway Chef Patron, Restaurant Mark Greenaway, Edinburgh

Having used Clifton at Bonds for almost 9 years there was no other alternative for me when it came to buying water baths for my new venture out here in Nairobi, it simply had to be Clifton”

Barry Tonks Executive Chef, Hemingways Nairobi

I was pressured into buying my kitchen a Clifton water bath many years ago and since finding out and experiencing what this does to both the final product for our guests and the help it gives to my chefs, I then purchased two more and have just ordered a clip on digital stirrer which will enable us to cook larger joints of meat with precise consistency.

These pieces of equipment really give me the confidence in that we can be extremely consistent in what we produce and the difference that is experienced is 100% noticeable.  They are a now a necessity in the kitchen whereas before I just thought they were a gimmick.  They have helped us in improving our standards which is very important to us.”

John Rampello Managing Director, Bluebells Restaurant & Garden Bar, Sunningdale

One of the main reasons that we have achieved ‘BEST RESTAURANT in the Middle East’ is due to using the various Clifton Food Range® water baths. The key for us, is the level of high consistency within the cooking. Our preparation and labour times have been cut by half, and the kitchen team have embraced sous vide cooking to the highest possible level. I would advise any professional chef to use Clifton Food Range® water baths, perfection and excellence is delivered every single time.”

James Knight-Pacheco Chef de Cuisine, Six Senses Resort & Spa, Zighy Bay, Sultanate of Oman

We have been using Clifton water baths at Williams F1 team for two years now having been introduced to their range by Michael Caines when he became a partner to the team at the beginning of 2011. The water baths provide a consistent quality product and enables a quick and slick service in a short time frame from a very small kitchen. They have given us a new direction in which we are able to work and are trying new things to keep us at the cutting edge of F1 catering.”

Adam Dixon VIP Chef to Williams F1, Williams F1 Team

I have been using Clifton’s water baths for a number of years now. Their skilled manufacture is evident in the precision and consistency they enable us to work with in the kitchen. Their service and after care is also first class, which is imperative when dealing with any supplier.”

Claude Bosi Chef Patron, HIBISCUS, Mayfair, London

Clifton water baths are the most valuable tool in our kitchen. They are totally reliable and we could not be without them.”

James Close Head Chef, The Raby Hunt Restaurant

In a 10,000sq ft venue, with a kitchen the size of a postage stamp in comparison, sous-vide cooking, and the ability to cook/chill and cook to order with accuracy is vital. In the last 4 outlets I have opened, the Clifton water baths have saved me time, money and space, and most importantly, and have dramatically raised the bar of what we can serve. Consistency is key to a successful venue, and knowing I have invested in equipment that performs precisely makes for an easier-to-operate kitchen.

I currently run more than 10 water baths, in a variety of configurations, and not a single one has gone down. Ever. A testament to design and quality that, without doubt, is worth more than the cost.”

Jason Black Executive Chef, Shore Restaurant & Bar, Hong Kong

I am very pleased with Clifton Food Range® products — an extremely experienced pair of hands that will never let you down.”

Bryn Williams Chef Patron, Odette's Restaurant and Bar, Primrose Hill, London

They are a very important part of our kitchen and we wouldn’t be able to do 380+ cover for lunch without them on the menu. The best thing they do is one of our most popular dishes, the Roast Half Burrawong Chicken for two people. It’s cooked sous vide with lemon, garlic and thyme for over 24 hrs at 60c then it can be finished under the salamander in less than 5 minutes. The perfect roast chicken I think. It’s awesome. We sell loads.”

Scott Wade Executive Chef, Establishment Hotel, Sydney

Clifton water baths have revolutionised my kitchen. They give me complete control, accuracy and consistency and that’s what it’s all about. I’d be lost without my Clifton bath.”

Kevin Hopgood Head Chef, Hopegood's Restaurant & Bar, Nelson, New Zealand

If I had to pick one piece of equipment that has totally revolutionized my cooking it would be the Clifton water bath. The results speak for themselves with unsurpassed consistency in temperature control, texture and flavour.”

Simon Wright Executive Chef, The French Cafe, Symonds St Auckland

When I captained The British Team at the Culinary Olympics we used Clifton Food Range® water baths and they were absolutely fantastic – like having an extra chef in the kitchen.

When I won the Knorr National Chef of the Year competition, I used the water baths to cook a wide cross section of the menu items:- egg, saddle of rabbit, parsnip puree, vichy carrots, mullet and pears in syrup. This clearly indicates how versatile I find them and they were an essential piece of equipment on the day.”

Simon Hulstone,
Senior British Culinary Olympic Team Captain
UK candidate for the Bocuse d’Or 2009

Simon Hulstone Knorr National Chef of the Year, The Elephant, Torquay

I have been using water baths in the kitchen at Midsummer House for six years, and over this time I have found the Clifton Food Range® to be the most suited to the harsh kitchen environment. Nickel-Electro has successfully created a range to suit the needs of chefs – they are so versatile working at different temperatures. The stirred baths are fantastic for confiting fish in oil at low temperature. The unstirred baths are so addictive that once you start using them, you can’t stop.”

Daniel Clifford Midsummer House, Cambridge

The use of Clifton Food Range® water baths in delivering consistency, quality and labour reduction has been phenomenal across our sites in Abode Hotels. From a cost perspective, they greatly reduce shrinkage compared to traditional oven roasting and therefore increases yield in the finished product alongside perfect cooking. The water baths are very robust pieces of equipment and the service and support offered by Clifton Food Range® is exemplary.”

Seth Ward Group Food Cost and Kitchen Management, Abode Exeter

I have been using Clifton water baths for 7 years and have found no other machine on the market that has the precision of a Clifton. It’s reassuring to know that day in day out whatever you put in one you will achieve the same results as the time before. Purely brilliant.”

Marcus Wilcox Executive Head Chef, The Rose & Crown Trent, Dorset

Having the Clifton Range water bath has improved the way I create my menus – now my food is consistently cooked to perfection with locked in flavours & incredible textures. I would recommend this fantastic versatile equipment to any passionate chef.”

Luciano Da Silva The BlueFish Cafe & Restaurant

The Clifton Food Range® water bath enables us to be consistent and precise in the preparation and cooking of our product. It also allows us to reach maximum potential within our dishes. The Clifton water bath can be used in many different ways and I believe that in the near future it will be an integral part of any award-winning kitchen.”

The Vineyard The Vineyard at Stockcross

When I decided to start using water baths, Clifton Food Range® wasn’t the only company I looked at – but they soon established themselves as the best option for the job.

The knowledgeable staff led me through all the options and helped me to choose the right model. The after sales care has also been terrific, right through to helping with recipe development.

The fact that we use the Clifton Food Range® water bath for 80% of our a la carte menu is testament to its versatility and ease of use. The consistency it provides has seen an improvement in standards and that has contributed to our steady rise in business.

The bath has become such a vital part of our kitchen, we have recently invested in another one.”

Stephen Bennett Head Chef, Llansantffraed Court

An essential piece of equipment in our kitchen is the Clifton water bath. It allows food preparation to be consistent and accurate at all times, and is a cost effective and manageable way to guarantee quality dishes for our guests.”

Simon Bolsover Head Chef, Great Fosters

I believe Clifton water baths to be the best piece of equipment made available to chefs over the last 20 years. My water bath allows me to run a tidier and stress free kitchen during service. It also enables me to hold my portioned fish, meat, poultry and game at culinary exactness i.e. lightly coagulated protein suspending all the natural juices. This results in guaranteed consistency for my customers every time.”

Willie Pike M.B.E Executive Chef, Head of Craft Training, Costley & Costley Hoteliers

The one thing every chef craves is a piece of equipment that will give you guaranteed consistency every time. With Clifton water baths we get precise cooking, improved texture and enhanced flavour. They also have the advantage of being a robust piece of equipment ideal for tough kitchen environments. I believe Clifton Food Range® water baths will play a big part in the future of cooking.”

Ross Pike Ross Pike, Baxter Storey

Using the Clifton Food Range® water bath has widened our thought processes behind cooking. A more controlled service and a raised level of consistency has opened up many new and exciting ideas. Sceptical at first, I then became impressed and now find them essential. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Philip Thompson Executive Chef, Auberge du Lac

Our first water baths were delivered in 2006, and now 90% of all our menu items are produced using the sous vide method. This covers all sections of the kitchen and all meal times, from scrambled eggs for breakfast through lunch and dinner for dishes like Chicken Supreme and lamb rump. The results truly are 100% accurate every time. There is a huge improvement in taste and texture across the board and particularly when cooking fish. Stress levels in the kitchen have been reduced, I have more time to train junior chefs and we now have more time for service and can ensure everything goes out perfectly right. Energy costs have been significantly reduced and this combined with less wastage means our GP has risen between 10-12%. The water baths are proving to be a reliable and integral part of our equipment and our processes.”

Stephane Jouan Executive Chef

I was first introduced to the Clifton Food Range® by Tim Allen, our senior sous chef, when we opened in 2003. Without this modern cooking technique, operation and consistency would not have been achievable in the limited service space we had. I believe this versatile piece of equipment can be used anywhere, from pubs and to large hotels, and by chefs with any level of experience.”

Martin Burge Head Chef, Whatley Manor, Wiltshire

I have been using Clifton Food Range® water baths for 3 years, and they have become an essential piece of equipment. From braising to confit to poaching, they are so versatile, allowing us to experiment in ways that would have previously been virtually impossible. They are extremely hard wearing and are designed to withstand the day to day demands of a professional kitchen.”

The Dorchester The Dorchester, London

Before being recommended the Clifton Food Range® water bath we used a probe and a pan of hot water. Consistency? What consistency? I find the Clifton Food Range® water bath incredibly accurate and user friendly. The company is willing to listen and respond to suggestions to improve what is fast becoming an indispensable piece of equipment for the modern kitchen. Many thanks Clifton.”

The Bath Priory The Bath Priory, Bath

I use both the Stirred and Unstirred Clifton Food Range® water baths. They are ideal for slow poaching fish with different flavourings and spices. When I cook pieces of meat in the Water Baths the end result is very tender and the taste is amazing because all the flavours are retained. They are also a cost effective cooking method as they minimise the amount of waste.”

Tom Aikens Tom Aikens Restaurant, London

From the first telephone conversation I knew that Clifton Foods understood my needs. From discussing which baths would be suitable, through to delivery, on site demonstrations and continued aftercare, their service has been second to none. The baths allow us to maintain consistency and accuracy and are now essential pieces of equipment in our kitchen.”

Sat Bains Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms, Nottingham

Using a Clifton Food Range® water bath has provided us with a new dimension to our methods of cooking. Not only can we achieve a more controlled method of preparation but also attain a higher level of consistency in our dishes.”

Gary Jones Executive Head Chef, Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, Oxford

I have been using Clifton water baths for the last 4 years in our restaurant. They have become an essential part of our kitchen equipment, helping to maintain consistency in cooking with their pinpoint accuracy. Clifton’s quality and reasonable pricing means they are a sensible option for every kitchen.”

David Everitt-Matthias Chef, Le Champignon Sauvage, Cheltenham

With 35 years culinary experience behind us, 20 years of which have been as a three star Michelin restaurant, The Waterside Inn does not make any changes without first giving it serious thought.

As Chef Patron of The Waterside Inn I have been so impressed by The Clifton Food Range® water bath that I have introduced it into my kitchen. Its versatility and precise, constant temperature make it a must for any Chef aiming to produce the best results every time.

This is a piece of equipment that you can always count on, it brings the Bain Marie into the 21st century.”

Alain Roux Directeur & Chef Patron, The Waterside Inn, Bray, Berkshire

I have been using my dual Clifton water bath for the last 2 years. As I work alone in my kitchen I regard my bath as my Sous Chef. It helps me to achieve consistency and accuracy when I prepare dishes for my menu. I use a dual bath which allows me to prepare dishes sous vide in water on one side whilst at the same time confiting fish in oil at a low temperature in the other side.”

Bruce Sangster Chef/Owner, Sangster's, Elie, North over the Forth Road Bridge from Edinburgh to St Andrews, Scotland

The simplicity and reliability of the Clifton Food Range® water baths have allowed me and my team to focus on the quintessence of our profession – achieving perfection.

Creativity is nothing without the correct equipment to accomplish the task and the consistent results of Clifton water baths have provided us with the edge to assemble new flavours and textures in our menu. Having used the baths for three years on a daily basis we found ourselves quite handicapped when a neighboring establishment borrowed them only for one evening!”

Emmanuel Stroobant Chef-Owner, Saint Pierre, The Restaurant, Singapore

A Clifton water bath was one of the first purchases I ever made as a chef, and I have used them for the majority of my career. They not only offer a superior end result when you are cooking whether it’s meat, fish, vegetables or fruit, they also give the chef that added vitally important factor — consistency. They are as integral to my food as the plates I serve it on.”

Matt Gillan Head Chef, The Pass Restaurant, South Lodge Hotel, Nr Horsham

We confidently use the Clifton Food Range® water bath in all of our Michael Caines Restaurants throughout the ABode Group. The Clifton water bath range enables us to be consistent with our results and efficient in the preparation and cooking of our produce. Our confidence in this product also enable us to reduce man hours in the kitchen by enabling us to be more efficient in our delivery.”

Michael Caines Operational Partner and Director of Food & Beverage, ABode Hotel Group

The phenomenon called Sous Vide is very definitely the most innovative cooking process that I have come across in 32 years as a professional chef. Without a shadow of a doubt Sous Vide gives the chef a better chance of getting it right, succulent chicken in a sandwich, perfectly cooked pink lamb, amazing halibut and sublime cooked shin of beef. One of the most satisfying moments is seeing someone’s eyes light up when they see the results, then the joy once they have tasted the product, Awesome!”

Colin Bussey Chef and Managing Director, Food & Beverage Solutions Limited, Ayrshire, Scotland

I have been using Clifton water baths for the last 7 years.

I started using them at Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons, when we opened Texture almost 3 years ago. The first thing I said I needed for my kitchen was a Clifton water bath.

The consistency of the cooking is fantastic and the customer service that Clifton provides is second to none. They are simply the best in the business.”

Agnar Sverrisson Chef Patron, TextureTexture Restaurant & Champagne Bar, 34 Portman Street, London

Clifton Food Range® quality assures a great product that produces consistent results every time which is very important in my kitchen. After sales support is also top notch which through experience is generally lacking with other companies. Clifton Food Range® are an absolute pleasure to work with on so many levels my only issue is really that I do not have more baths in my kitchen.”

Justin Saunders High Timber, London

For the last 5 years we have been using the Clifton Food Range®. The stirred and duo water baths have become an indispensable piece of equipment within the kitchen which provide us with an incredibly consistent and accurate method of cookery. The team at Clifton are a great group of people to work with and they provide an excellent after service which is equalled by few.”

John Williams Executive Chef, The Ritz, London

We use two Clifton water baths in our kitchen at Summer Lodge. They offer us great consistency in our cooking while also enabling us to experiment and educate ourselves as chefs.

The aftercare and service has also been second to none.”

Steven Titman Executive Chef, Summer Lodge, Country House Hotel, Restaurant and Spa, Dorset

The first thermal circulator to reach Malaysia was in 2005.

I ordered it from the Clifton Food Range® and it has done me proud ever since. The humidity and heat of the kitchen here in Kuala Lumpur has never been a problem for the machine to handle.

I have not had even one hiccup with my machine since I bought it, and it was the only machine I used for cooking sous vide and to test recipes from my cookbook “Cooking with Michael Elfwing.”

It is the most solid piece of equipment in my kitchen and has been running 12 hours a day for over 6 years, it has a longer lifespan than most chefs these days.

No other machine in my kitchen works as much as my Clifton Thermal Circulator.”

Michael Elfwing Senses Chef De Cuisine, Hilton Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Innovation and culinary creations are a key part of our ethos at Casamia. The Clifton Food Range® water baths allow us to explore with a variety of ingredients and flavour combinations that give precision and perfection to our dishes each time.”

Jonray and Peter Sanchez-Iglesias Executive Chefs, Casamia, Westbury-on-Trym