Top Military Chefs Cook Sous Vide in Preparation to Win Culinary Competition

In late January, Clifton Food Range had the Combined Services Culinary Arts Team (CSCAT) visit their development kitchen in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset in preparation for a competition in March at the catering exhibition, Hotelympia held at Excel London.

Clifton Food Range is known in the catering industry for their temperature controlled, British manufactured, high quality, stainless steel sous vide water baths.

The chefs’ trialled various fresh produce using the sous vide water baths including steak, pineapple, fennel and salmon.

Sous vide is an innovative method of slow cooking using a water bath. Foods are cooked for longer at precise temperatures which results in enhanced flavours, melt in the mouth textures and no shrinkage to the produce.

CSCAT also used the Clifton Foodfuge Centrifuge which is used to spin and separate the components of food (such as tomatoes or peas) by density, so that heavier components are at the base and liquid at the top. This produces clear intense flavoured liquids which can then be used as part of a dish. Centrifuges are becoming much more popular among chefs who are looking to push boundaries when developing menus and creating exquisite dishes.

Andy Saupe, CSCAT Manager commented; “Thank you so much for all your support and especially for today. Everyone has gained so much from our visit and you have all been so welcoming.”

Clifton Food Range team had cooked pork shoulder for twenty-four hours at 70°C in the water bath, which was then shredded and covered with BBQ sauce for the hungry chefs to devour as a thank you for visiting the kitchen and for using the popular sous vide machines for competitions and exhibitions.

If you are a chef or a distributor who would like to see all the products Clifton Food Range has to offer or use the development kitchen for menu development or teaching purposes, then please call +44 (0)1934 626691, email or visit to find out more.