The Two Go Hand in Hand…

The Clifton Immersion Circulator is our space saving sous vide stirrer which clips onto a stainless steel or polycarbonate gastronorm container up to 56 litres (2/1 gastro tank). Suitable for travelling chefs or those who want flexibility when cooking sous vide.

The portable stirrer is manufactured from high quality stainless steel to ensure durability. The stirrer cage has been designed to protect the food pouches from the propeller, so that the two do not come into contact. When cleaning, the cage can be easily removed. The double clamping system ensures the stirrer is secure when in position on the tank.

When not in use the Immersion Circulator can easily be stored in our Clifton carry case which has been specifically designed to fit the portable stirrer. This is perfect for chefs who travel or who often do demos. The case can easily be stored away when not in use and protects the stirrer from getting damaged in a busy kitchen.

The Clifton orange case has enough room inside for the cable, plating tweezers and various other accessories which may be needed for travel.