The Clifton Food Range® – Essential Equipment For Le Champignon Sauvage

Nickel–Electro is delighted that David Everitt–Matthias at the two–Michelin starred Le Champignon Sauvage restaurant in Cheltenham has two of its Clifton Food Range® water baths in his award winning kitchen.

A family firm based in the South West of England, Nickel–Electro is a brand leader in temperature control laboratory and science equipment. The company adapted its scientific application water baths to develop the Clifton Food Range® water baths, popular with professional chefs because they guarantee accurate temperature control.

Earlier this year David acquired the property next door to Le Champignon Sauvage and was able to expand his operation. As part of this expansion the kitchen was extended, and when moving his catering equipment into his new kitchen area, David’s two Clifton Food Range® water baths took pride of place. David has used them for years and finds them essential for his low temperature cooking.

Made in Britain from durable high–grade stainless steel, the Clifton Food Range® features unstirred digital baths, unstirred digital Duobaths™ and stirred digital baths, all with a flush wipe clean control panel. Available in a choice of sizes, the range offers users the unparalleled specific temperature control necessary for the sous vide cooking process in order to consistently produce perfect results.

Melvin Dickson, Managing Director of Nickel–Electro says: “Nickel–Electro is delighted to be part of the Le Champignon Sauvage success story. We know how hard David and Helen Everitt–Matthias have worked to create such a highly acclaimed restaurant. We hope that other chefs will be inspired by David, and will want to discover all the benefits of the Clifton Food Range® water baths.”