Success in Singapore – Clifton Food Range® Exhibit at FHA2012

Clifton Food Range® was delighted to take part in this year’s FHA2012 International Food and Hotel Asia exhibition, the largest of its kind in Asia. The show was held in Singapore, between 17th – 20th April.

Clifton Food Range® shared a section of the Sia Huat booth with Besser Vacuum, an Italian manufacturer of vacuum packing machines. Sia Huat is one of the largest foodservice suppliers in Asia. They have recently become the Clifton Food Range distributor for Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Melvin Dickson, Managing Director of Clifton Food Range®, comments: “We are really pleased with our relationship with Sia Huat and have been very impressed with their service, support and interest in our products. Sia Huat is a 3rdgeneration family business just like Clifton Food Range®.”

Sia Huat displayed the popular FL4CA clip on immersion circulator, along with the unstirred range of water baths and accessories. Melvin Dickson, Managing Director of Clifton Food Range® joined Sia Huat on the booth throughout the exhibition.

Stephan Zoisl, Executive Head Chef of Novus Restaurant demonstrated the sous vide technique on stand. He spent time cooking with the Clifton water baths and showed customers the textures and flavours that can be achieved with the sous vide method.

Melvin comments: “Our worldwide customer base is continuing to expand and events such as FHA2012 are a great way to exhibit the Clifton Food Range® to an international audience. We hope to be a part of this show again at FHA2014”