Success At Skills For Chefs

Clifton Food Range® attended Skills for Chefs this year where many high profile chefs were using the Clifton water bath during their demonstrations.

James McKenzie, Chef Proprietor of The Pipe & Glass Inn demonstrated a sous vide duck dish which was exquisite and the meat extremely succulent and tender.

Will Holland from Fine Dining restaurant La Becasse also used the Clifton water bath during his demonstration of smoked poached salmon. Will has been a long standing Clifton customer and gave praise to the sous vide equipment. “I’ve always used Clifton for my water baths. It’s impossible to over cook in the water bath.”

Adam Brown from Brockencote Hall demonstrated a sous vide salmon dish using the 8 litre Clifton duobath™ with pressed apple and garnished with micro herbs. 

During the two day event, delegates watched high profile chefs demonstrate various mouth watering dishes. Sat Bains used a centrifuge, a cutting edge piece of  equipment to produce a range of impressive dishes and Adam Simmonds explained how the freeze dryer has enhanced his way of cooking.

Adam comments; “Having a freeze dryer and centrifuge you need to ask yourself, does the equipment enhance the flavour and texture? Does it add something to the dish? My opinion … yes they do.”

Clifton Food Range® continues to support the annual Skills for Chef’s Conference and is delighted that their equipment is used by the professional chefs during the event.