Nickel–Electro Supports Brighton University’s New Advanced Culinary Technology Centre

Nickel–Electro is pleased to be supporting Brighton University’s exciting new Centre for Advanced Culinary Technology(CACTR) by supplying two complementary Clifton Food Range® water baths.

Headed up by Professor Svetlana Rodgers, CACTR specialises in the application of food science principles to culinary preparation, with the emphasis on innovative solutions for large scale catering facilities including convention centres, casinos, airlines and hotel & restaurant chains. Potential projects include product development, functional meal design and food production.

CACTR approached Nickel–Electro with an appeal for sous vide equipment and Managing Director Melvin Dickson phoned Professor Rodgers personally to confirm his support. He was more than happy to provide both a stirred and unstirred Clifton Food Range® water bath for research and education purposes.

The Clifton Food Range® evolved from Nickel–Electro’s brand–leading temperature control laboratory equipment, when scientific application water baths were adapted specifically for use by professional chefs. The guaranteed accurate temperature control makes them perfect for sous vide and low temperature cooking, and subsequently for use in the specialist research studies carried out at the Centre.