Nickel–Electro Designs Foam Gun Holders For Clifton Food Range®

Nickel–Electro, the South West based firm of temperature control equipment specialists, has introduced Foam Gun Holders to its choice of accessories for the popular Clifton Food Range® water baths.

The Clifton Food Range®, which was designed when Nickel–Electro decided to develop their laboratory water baths specifically for use by chefs, has proven very successful. The unparalleled specific temperature control makes the water baths perfect for both slow and sous vide cooking.

The Foam Gun Holders are perforated trays specifically designed to hold common size Foam Guns firmly in place once they are inside the water bath. This means that the guns will not float even when they are almost empty, ensuring the foam contents always remain at the pre–set temperature of the water bath.

The trays, which are placed on the existing bath shelf, are available in two sizes for the 4 litre and 8 litre unstirred baths respectively. There are two clip sizes to hold 1 litre and 1/2 litre Foam Guns, and they can be mixed according to requirements. They are delivered fully assembled and additional clips can be ordered separately.

Melvin Dickson, Managing Director of Nickel–Electro says: “When we talked to chefs about how Nickel–Electro could make the Clifton Food Range® even better, several of them mentioned the need to prevent Foam Guns floating. So we sat down and designed the Foam Gun Holders, which we are confident chefs will find of enormous benefit.”