Let’s get Saucy

The Sauce Bottlewarmer™ is designed to heat up to 70°C to keep sauces and liquids warm for dressing plates. Ideal for busy, fast working kitchens and can also be used front of house, in cocktail bars and are ideal for fluid gels or purees.

The dial on the front of the Sauce Bottlewarmer™ can easily be adjusted to the desired temperature to a maximum of 70°C.

Available in 4, 14 or 22 litres and comes complete with 8, 16 or 24 8oz (230ml) bottles and bottle holders.

The bottles will stay upright in the stainless steel holder inside the unit. When not in use, the stainless steel bottle holder can be removed for easy cleaning.

Easy on/off push button switch found on the front of the control unit. In common with all Clifton products, this Bottlewarmer™ is powered from a standard 13 amp wall socket.