Let your Culinary Imagination Run Wild…

The Cliftonfreezdryer is our latest cutting edge machine which allows you to experiment and let your creativity flow, giving you the opportunity to be a unique chef with innovative ideas.

You can freeze dry almost anything from mushrooms,strawberries, carrots all the way to flowers and fresh herbs. They can then be added to stocks, sauces and stews and will rehydrate almost as fresh as when they were first prepared. The flavours and the smells are also retained, as well as all the nutritional content.

Bulk freeze drying is also possible if the products are stored in airtight containers, or are vacuum packed to prevent reabsorption.

When freeze drying products, they will have to be frozen beforehand. Freezing the food items converts the moisture in the products into ice and when they’re freeze dried the vacuum removes the ice as a vapour without going through the stage of becoming a liquid again, this process is called sublimation.

If you would like any more information on our freeze dryer click here to download the spec sheet, or drop us an email with any questions you have!