Hotelympia update – Sheffield College’s Silver Award

Hotelympia’s La Parade des Chefs awards cooking with Clifton water baths.

Hotelympia’s highly anticipated competition – La Parade des Chefs – saw its Silver Award winners from Sheffield College beat some prestigious teams using Clifton water baths, throughout their three course meal.

Their final menu included Three Flavours of Yorkshire Trout; Slow Poached Loin of Suckling Pig infused with Apple, Prune and Liquorice and a Chocolate Brioche Pudding with Fudge, Caramelised Banana and Malt Ice cream.


During a busy day of competing, the teams are judged on a number of categories, including prep, health & safety, hygiene, cleanliness, orderliness, levels of calmness and efficiency, and of course, the final menu. Members of the public may also book a table in the restaurant to enjoy the high standards of cooking.

The competition is taken incredibly seriously in the industry and those taking part included culinary teams from the House of Commons, the Craft Guild of Chefs, Gleneagles Hotel and Dubai’s Jumeirah.

The Sheffield College team, led by Chris Hawkins, approached Clifton Food Range® MD Melvin Dickson about using the baths in the competition and for training beforehand. Melvin was only too happy to help out.

As a consequence, Sheffield College has introduced the use of the Clifton Food Range® into its curriculum at the college.

‘We were pleased to sponsor use of our water baths in the competition, and thrilled that use of these in the art of sous–vide cooking is now part of the college’s curriculum,’ says Melvin.

The Team:
Chris Hawkins: Team Manager. Sheffield College Tutor
Len Unwin: Responsible for the Three Flavours of Trout.
Sheffield College Tutor
Rupert Rowley: Responsible for the Suckling Pig main.
Head Chef Fischers, Baslow in Derbyshire – (1* Michelin)
Mick Burke: Responsible for the dessert. Sheffield College Tutor
Megan Harrod: Commis Chef Pastry. Student
Ashely Caley: Commis Chef Main Course. Student
Peter Mara: Health & Safety. Sheffield College Tutor.