Highlights In The Highlands For Clifton Food Range®

Clifton Food Range® had another successful day at this year’s Scottish Chefs Conference, where Mark Greenaway, Lisa Allen and Will Holland used the Clifton water baths during their informative demonstrations. The event is held for chefs and colleges to come together to acquire knowledge and techniques from some of the most respected chefs in the world. It’s a chance to meet suppliers offering the latest products and cutting edge innovations as well as network with fellow chefs and trade members.

During the demonstrations, Mark Greenaway commented that sous vide is a new way of cooking but a very traditional method and that he felt lucky to have the Clifton bath in his kitchen. Lisa Allan said it was really good to be able to be surrounded by suppliers at an event such as SCC where the chef can meet with the trade to see what the do, what the offer and who they are.

Will Holland gave a demonstration along with his junior sous chef, Liam Dillon and focused on ‘The Water Bath in the Modern Kitchen.’ Will has been a great supporter of Clifton Food Range® products for many years. It was a real honour to see him using the baths as a focal point during his demonstration.

Will talked the audience through the benefits of sous vide cooking and how he uses the Clifton water baths in his restaurant, La Becasse. Will demonstrated a range of different dishes including beef sirloin carpaccio, confit John Dory and lobster. He talked through the best times and temperatures to use to achieve unbelievable tastes and textures.

Will joked about being one of Clifton’s early customers and commented about having one of the very first Clifton Food Range® water baths, which holds an early serial number, proving how long he has been a key supporter of the equipment.

Will has worked over a decade in Michelin – starred establishments before taking over La Becasse in Ludlow. A restaurant with the enviable reputation as one of the best in the country, with many  accolades and awards. The Scottish Chefs Conference ended with a marvellous gala dinner produced by Willie Pike, Billy Campbell and their team of chefs. The meal was a gastronomic delight and enjoyed by all!