Glynn Purnell Spices Up Great British Menu With A Clifton Food Range® Water Bath

This year’s Great British Menu saw more chefs than ever using one of today’s essential pieces of kitchen equipment – a Clifton Food Range® water bath.

Glynn Purnell from Purnell’s restaurant in Birmingham was the winner of the fish course with his Masala Spiced Monkfish with red lentils, pickled carrots and coconut, a dish that involved the monkfish being cooked in a Clifton Food Range® water bath. Glynn made his Masala for the troops returning from active duty in Afghanistan at RAF Halton House on 3rd/4th June, with the banquet being completed with courses from the following winning chefs.

The winning starter of Aberdeen Angus Salad with carrots, horseradish and Shetland Black potato crisps was created by Kenny Atkinson of the White Room Restaurant at Seaham Hall. The main course was won by Nigel Howarth from Northcote Manor in Blackburn who made Lancashire Hot Pot with Roast Loin, Pickled Red Cabbage, Carrot and Leeks. Finally, Shaun Rankin from Bohemia Bar and Restaurant in St Helier with his Treacle Tart with Jersey clotted cream and raspberry coulis.

The Clifton Food Range® was designed when Nickel–Electro decided to develop their scientific application water baths for use specifically by chefs. The unparalleled specific temperature control makes the Water Baths perfect for slow and sous vide cooking, creating sublime texture and taste.

Melvin Dickson, Managing Director of Nickel–Electro says: “Everyone at Nickel–Electro was delighted to see how many Clifton Food Range® water baths were used in this year’s competition and are all very proud that Glynn’s fish course used one in such an innovative way. When Sat Baines used a water bath for his 2007 winning starter it attracted a lot of attention because people were unfamiliar with them, and this has all changed over the last 2 years.”