Fancy a Sous Vide Cocktail this Festive Season?

We all love a cocktail or two at Christmas (or any other time of the year for that matter) and with sous vide cocktails becoming more and more popular, there’s no reason not to enjoy some this festive season!

Click here to watch our very first cocktail film, where Chef Ross Clarke demonstrates a unique take on the Bloody Mary cocktail, by infusing all the different ingredients that make up the cocktail, using the Clifton water bath. Complex and intense flavours make this a cocktail that can be created consistently, time and time again.

The consistency of water baths are helping to push the boundaries of modern mixology. Bartenders are raiding the kitchen for water baths in order to experiment and create unique cocktails. Chefs watch out and keep your kit close by!Used by many mixologists, the Clifton bath will infuse the different elements for the drink, creating intense flavours, as well as allowing you to produce exotic sous vide garnishes to finish. The water bath is a time saver for bartenders, enabling the infusion process to take minutes and hours rather than days and weeks. Just like sous vide cooking, once the flavours are locked in the vacuum pouch they do not escape.