Clifton in Yate!

Back in May, Clifton Food Range held a distributor training session with Yate Supplies in Bristol with support from their UK Sales Agent, Signature FSE. The aim of the day was to offer information and training to staff on Clifton Food Range products and have an open day where Yate Supplies’ customers were given the opportunity to see the water baths in action in a live food demonstration by RAF Chef David ‘Davey’-Smith.

Chef Davey cooked up some sous vide dishes throughout the day which included rolled baby heritage carrot, carrot & anise purée and carrot top oil. Following on from that dish Davey cooked a delicious seared rump in the water bath, braised beef brisket, asparagus and sliced raw mushroom. Thirdly Chef cooked pork jowl in the water bath for 24 hours before pairing it with baby leeks and pickled apple puree. Finally for the dessert taster; Chef Davey cooked sous vide pineapple with a coconut espuma to create a tropical pudding dish!

The day continued to be a success as Yate Supplies opened up the day (and the food) to all their staff members with a sous vide Q&A session with Clifton, and they were also able to ask Chef Davey any questions about cooking sous vide whilst he was preparing the dishes.

For any distributor who is interested in a training day or session with us, please email or call our Weston-super-Mare office on 01934 626691.