Clifton Food Range® Water Baths Lead the Competition in the Toque D’Or® 2010

Clifton Food Range® water baths are to be part of this year’s challenging Nestlé Toque d’Or® competition that provides catering students with the chance to gain hands–on practical experience whilst using specialist apparatus. It helps to bridge the gap between the professionals and students, enabling the latter to access a ‘lifetime’s experience in one competition’

Martin Webster, Communications Manager Nestlé Professional, states: “Nestlé® Toque d’Or is delighted that this year’s Grand Final teams have the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s cutting–edge equipment through the generous support of Clifton Food Range®. Water bath technology is becoming a method favoured by many of the Michelin–starred chefs who are working as mentors to our Grand Final Teams. It is great that the chefs in our competing Grand Final teams have the opportunity to add real value to their food by enhancing flavour intensity and texture through access to the water baths. Exploring this technology will provide another dimension to the teams, especially as these young professionals will be our industry’s future.”

The Clifton Food Range® water baths are perfect for sous vide and low temperature cooking, a method requiring the very best in specific temperature control to maximise the flavours and texture of ingredients.

Melvin Dickson, Managing Director, states: “Clifton Food Range® is delighted at being able to provide the catering industry’s next generation with the chance to practice the latest in cooking techniques via the use of water baths. Sous vide cookery continues to grow in popularity for the leading chefs of contemporary cuisine and this competition allows students access to this advanced skill.”