Clifton Food Range® Takes to the Streets Again to Demonstrate its Versatility

Mark Jankel, chef and founder of The Food Initiative, and Pearl chef Jun Tanaka are heading to the City of London with their mobile Street Kitchen, where they will anchor up on Finsbury Avenue Square for a period of three months. Their ambition is to bring the best British bistro-style lunches to the City at “street food prices”, employing Clifton Food Range® water baths to prepare the dishes that require sous vide cookery.

Last year the silver Airstream van toured around several locations in London, but this year the two chefs plan to remain in one spot, offering a menu that will change on a daily basis in relation to the supplies available, featuring dishes that will cost between £4.50 and £7.50.

Alice Keown from Davis Coffer Lyons, the restaurant leasing agent for Broadgate, said: “Street Kitchen, in conjunction with the popular fortnightly farmers market, demonstrates the evolution of the catering offer at Broadgate … Street Kitchen will be a strong addition to Finsbury Avenue Square, offering people working at Broadgate and in the surrounding area a unique ‘restaurant quality’ product throughout the summer.”Clifton Food Range® water baths are key to upholding this standard of quality, notably being a commonplace tool of professional kitchens and Michelin-starred restaurants alike.