Clifton Food Range® Supports Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management

Clifton Food Range® is supporting the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management by supplying them with two water baths. Situated in Dubai, the Academy offers world class training facilities for a multicultural body of students.

The Clifton Food Range® – designed specifically for use by chefs – has unparalleled specific temperature control making the water baths perfect for sous vide and low temperature cooking.

 The water baths’ precise temperature control has proven popular with professional chefs as it enables them to enhance both the flavours and textures of a wide range of dishes.

Clifton Food Range® hopes that by introducing their cutting–edge technology to the Emirates Academy, the students will have the chance to learn about all the benefits of sous vide and slow cooking methods. This is backed up by the company having a newly appointed distributor based in Dubai – KayDee Trading, headed by Director Karim Ben Otman. Chefs throughout the UAE will now be able to buy a range of both Stirred and Unstirred water baths.

Clifton Food Range® Managing Director, Melvin Dickson says: “Clifton Food Range® has proven hugely successful in the UK with many of the country’s top chefs committed to the advantages of sous vide cooking. We are all very excited about helping the Emirates Academy to introduce sous vide and slow cooking to its students early on in their training.”