Clifton Food Range® Supports Chef Club Sous Vide Cookery Day With Will Holland

Clifton Food Range® was delighted to support Chef Magazine and Will Holland on the sous vide fish cookery day at La Bécasse in Ludlow.

The event was held for a group of chefs from a mixture of fine dining, gastro pubs, restaurants and trade. Will began the day treating everyone to home made muffins and cakes, before giving an in-depth 90 minute sous vide cookery demonstration using the Clifton water baths. Will talked the group through the benefits of sous vide and the textures and flavours that can be achieved with the technique.

Will comments: “For me, the best thing about cooking using a water bath is that it removes any doubt that you may have about the food being cooked. It is neither undercooked nor overcooked – your product is consistent, allowing you to concentrate on the more technical aspects of flavour and presentation.”

Will demonstrated a range of fabulous fish dishes, including ballotine of salmon, monkfish wrapped in bacon and a delicious lobster bisque. All dishes were prepared in Clifton water baths. Will told the group: “I’ve always used Clifton for my water baths.” After the demonstration, everyone was treated to a special six course lunch which included some of the dishes that Will demonstrated earlier that morning.

The lunch, prepared by the team of creative and passionate La Bécasse chefs, was an absolute delight. Guests were spoilt with dishes such as confit John Dory fillet, basil puree and shellfish pistou and fennel salad, as well as smoked haddock risotto, confit egg yolk, and onion crumb. It was an honour to be supporting such a great and successful event, which we know was enjoyed by all.

Read the full article in the next issue of Chef Magazine