Clifton Food Range® Water Baths

Nickel–Electro has now adapted its scientific application water baths to develop the Clifton Food Range® water baths. The baths guarantee accurate temperature control, making them ideal for use in professional kitchens.

Made in Britain from durable high–grade stainless steel, the Clifton Food Range® features unstirred digital baths, unstirred digital Duobaths™ and stirred digital baths, all with a flush wipe clean control panel. Available in a choice of sizes, the range will be of particular interest to professional chefs who see the art of slow cooking as the way forward.

The Clifton Food Range® is invaluable when slow cooking as it offers users unparalleled specific temperature control to produce perfect results for slow cooking. The slow cooking approach has had a significant impact on the restaurant industry as increasing numbers of chefs are converted by the sublime textures and enhanced flavours created by this method.

Melvin Dickson, Managing Director of Nickel–Electro says: “When Nickel–Electro developed the Clifton water bath, we could never have predicted that it would become an essential part of equipment in professional kitchens. We hope that more and more chefs will discover the benefits of the Clifton Food Range® water baths.”

All products in the Clifton Food Range® come with a 2 year warranty. For more information about the Clifton Food Range® and a free brochure telephone: +44(0)1934 626691