Clifton Food Range® & Multivac Best Bar None For Cocktail Technology

Nickel–Electro, manufacturers of the Clifton Food Range® and Multivac UK vacuum packing machine manufacturers, have been asked to participate in a seminar at BAR 09 held at Earl’s Court on 23rd & 24th June.

The Clifton Food Range® was designed specifically for use by chefs as the unparalleled specific temperature control makes the water baths perfect for sous vide and molecular gastronomy influenced low temperature cooking. Multivac is one of the world’s leading producers of vacuum packing equipment used in tandem with the water baths for the sous vide method.

However, it now seems Clifton Food Range® and Multivac have another role to play as essential equipment for making cutting edge cocktails, as they are also ideal for molecular mixology – the application of molecular chemistry to drinks mixing.

Over the two day seminar top bartenders and mixologists will be using the water baths to demonstrate ground breaking cocktail methodology.  Headed by the team behind Drink Factory, Spike Marchant, Tony Conigliaro and Giles Cowan the event includes bartenders from top bars around the world who have turned their attentions to using science when creating cocktails and are leading pioneers in the field.

Melvin Dickson, Managing Director of Nickel–Electro says: “When we modified our scientific application water baths specifically for use by chefs we didn’t expect them to then be used for making cutting edge cocktails, and both Nickel–Electro and Multivac are excited with this latest development in the sous vide story.”