Clifton Food Range® Introduce the New Digital Thermometer and Probe Kit

Clifton Food Range® is delighted to unveil the latest addition to its portfolio of specialist culinary equipment, a Digital Thermometer and Probe Kit. It is perfect for sous vide cooking as it allows the user to measure the core temperature of food in a sealed vacuum bag. The apparatus is designed to allow the needle probe to be passed through a foam seal placed on the vacuum pouch, so that the vacuum is maintained as the probe is withdrawn.

The two different sizes of needle probes are 1mm in diameter and either 60mm or 120mm in length, the longer probe being designed to reach the centre of larger joints of meat. The kit is able to measure a wide variety of temperatures ranging between -99.9°C to +299.9°C and is especially useful when developing and establishing specific times and temperatures for sous vide items. The kit contains a Traceable Calibration Certificate for the instrument and a general purpose waterproof countdown timer.

The Digital Thermometer Probe System has a clearly defined LCD screen and user-friendly control panel with easy to use buttons. The kit is provided complete with a sturdy, protective case, which is coloured in the distinctive orange of Clifton Food Range®. The case contains Biomaster Anti-Bacterial Additive, which in combination with the probe wipes, helps to maintain high standards of hygiene.