Clifton Food Range® are Delighted to Announce the Arrival of Their 28 Litre Compact Bath

Clifton Food Range® takes great pleasure in introducing their new 28 litre Compact water bath, which is perfect for sous vide and low temperature cooking in the professional kitchen where space is at a premium. This latest model has been built specifically to save on kitchen worktop space through its new design. The bath also includes a run-dry protection function and low water level warning.

The popularity of Clifton Food Range® baths continues to increase and for many kitchens they have now become an essential piece of equipment. The new compact model now opens up access to this cooking technique to a wider audience of professional chefs.

Melvin Dickson, Managing Director, stated: “The new 28 litre Compact water bath is the perfect option for chefs with limited space but who are keen to utilise this innovative technology that is now a leading technique in modern kitchens.”

The Clifton Food Range® equipment is developed and manufactured by Nickel-Electro, a brand leader in temperature control laboratory and science equipment. Nickel-Electro adapted its range of scientific application water baths to produce the Clifton Food Range® water baths, which offer unparalleled accuracy in temperature control to produce consistently perfect results.