Clifton Food Range® Applauds Hulstone As He Takes The World Stage

Clifton Food Range® wishes to congratulate Simon Hulstone, chef proprietor of Michelin–starred The Elephant in Torquay, for securing a place in the World Final of the Bocuse d’Or, one of the world’s most prestigious cooking competitions. Only 12 teams from Europe have made it through to the world final and of these the UK team made it to fourth place. Simon remarked: “I’m totally shocked…to be placed fourth is incredible.”

This is a fantastic result for the UK team, which features Simon’s commis chef, Jordan Bailey, also from The Elephant, and coach, Nick Vadis, UK executive chef of the Compass Group. Their success demonstrates the requisite skill demanded of the UK entrants, who opted to use Clifton Food Range® water baths to help with the preparation of their visually stunning starter and main meat courses. Featuring a choice selection of cuts including veal, this platter received a special award resulting in the dish being nominated the best amongst the European contestants.

Melvin Dickson, Clifton Food Range® Managing Director, states: “We are extremely pleased for the UK entrants to the Bocuse d’Or. They have proved themselves to be at the top of their game and will now be showcasing UK cuisine and culinary techniques to the international community”

Clifton Food Range® equipment is developed and manufactured by Nickel–Electro, a brand leader in temperature control laboratory and science equipment. Nickel–Electro adapted its range of scientific application water baths to produce the Clifton Food Range® water baths, which offer unparalleled accuracy in temperature control to produce consistently perfect results.

Photographs here supplied by The Staff Canteen