A Fresh and Exciting Design…. Clifton Food Range® Announce Their New Stirred Water Baths

Clifton Food Range® have redesigned their range of stirred water baths to include a rotating multi-directional stirrer unit with a cleverly fixed hinged lid.

The new 14 litre and 28 litre stirred water baths consist of an unheated stainless steel tank housed in a stainless steel case. To one side is a bridge unit which has an immersion circulator fitted. The new fixed immersion circulator controller can now be rotated so that the bath can be used ‘side to side’ or end on to optimise ‘left to right’ counter top space. It can also be rotated so it can be viewed from any angle of the kitchen. As the stirrer rotates through 3 main principle viewing angles, the chef can choose whether the lid opens on the left hand side of the tank, or the right.

There is also a new stainless steel integral bi-folding lid (registered design) with an easy grab insulated handle. The clever design of the concertina lid can be pushed open to reveal the chamber and as the lid is attached to the water bath, there is no need to find a place to put it when removed. The 14 litre bath has a smaller hinged lid attached which covers the surface area of the bath and can easily be lifted up to remain in position when adding food items to the water bath.

Melvin Dickson, Managing Director of Clifton Food Range® says;  “The new stirred water bath design is already proving popular amongst chefs, as the rotating immersion circulator is giving them more flexibility in regards to the positioning of the water bath in their kitchen. Where space can be at a premium the chef has the choice to position the unit ‘end on’ on the counter top. The hinged and bi-fold lid means the chef can quickly open and close the bath without needing a place to put it.”

As with all Clifton water baths, the unit is made from high quality stainless steel and comes with a two year warranty.