28 Unstirred Vs 28 Stirred

28 Litre Unstirred Water Bath

Using the same high precision controller found on all other Clifton Food Range® products, accuracy and repeatability are guaranteed. Actual temperature is clearly displayed to 0.1°C.

The stability of the 28 unstirred water bath is ± 0.2°C and the uniformity is ± 0.1°C.

If required, the integrated timer can be set between 1 minute and 99 hours. There is audio/visual notification at the end of the set period after which the bath still continues to operate at the set temperature. Current time and temperature settings are retained in memory even after ‘power off’.

Side lifting handles make it easy to carry the bath around the kitchen and the drain tap allows quick emptying for cleaning. The product is supplied with a stainless steel lid which has an easy grab insulated handle. The bath is also supplied with a removable stainless steel perforated shelf which provides effective distribution of heat uniformly throughout the chamber by convection.


28 Litre Stirred Water Bath

This 28 litre stirred bath consists of an unheated stainless tank housed in a stainless steel case. To one side is a bridge unit which has an immersion circulator fitted. This simultaneously heats and stirs the water creating a highly stable environment accurate to ±0.01°C.

Pouches are prevented from contacting the heater stirrer mechanism by a stainless steel guard. The stirring propeller is manufactured from high quality stainless steel.

The controller can be rotated so that the bath can be used ‘side to side’ or ‘end on’ to optimise left to right counter top space. It can also be rotated so it can be viewed from virtually any angle. As the stirrer rotates through 3 main principle viewing angles, the chef can choose whether the lid opens on the left hand side of the tank, or the right.

The heater/stirrer unit can be easily removed to assist cleaning.