Why cook sous vide?

Chef's Viewpoint....

Taste, texture, colours, creativity opportunities, advanced preparation of fully cooked items ‘smooth out demand’. Less stress. Food pre-prepared ready to                re-generate to order.

Food & Beverage Director/Manager's Viewpoint....

Advanced Preparation

Fully cooked food items kept in chilled state with long shelf life leading to minimal waste.

Minimised Wastage

By reheating (regenerating) only as tables order..exact portion control - unused chilled items retained for next service. No fresh food spoilage.

Increased Yield

Little or no shrinkage as opposed to oven cooking (30% oven versus 3% sous vide). More product to sell or buy in smaller cuts - significant savings.

Exact 'degree of finish'

Every time e.g. rare, medium rare, well done.... No customer 'send backs' leading to re-cooks/free of charge replacements.

Opportunity to use secondary (cheaper) cuts

Sous vide process produces a tender finish on these products.

Low energy consumption

As opposed to oven/gas range, once at temperature, the bath uses little power. e.g. 16 hour cook in FL14D = £<0.15 in total over 16 hours on average tariff approx.