Sous Vide Accessories

Additional Lids

For unstirred baths.

Bi-fold Lids

For unstirred baths.

Lids for FL4CA

Floating Lid

Polypropylene Spheres provide a floating lid which reduces evaporation and improves stability when a standard lift off lid is not being used.

Carry Case for Digital Stirrer Unit

Sturdy light weight flight case designed specifically to fit the Clifton stirrer unit.

Gastronorm Tanks

Bath Partitions

These stainless steel partitions allow the working area of the bath to be divided for portion control. Three sizes available for the unstirred bath to suit 300mm and 500mm width. By mixing sizes, various ‘mini’ chambers can be achieved.
Zigzag rack can be used in a stirred water bath or with FL4CA Immersion Circulator. Baskets can be used in both Unstirred and stirred water baths.

Immersion Grids

Clifton Immersion Grids are designed to keep food items immersed under water in the bath during sous vide cooking. Ideal for long slow cooks.

Sous Vide Thermometer and Probe Kit

For measuring internal core temperature. The selected needle probe can be passed through the foam seal placed on the vacuum pouch and the vacuum is retained when carefully withdrawn.

Chef’s Tweezers

Micro Tweezers and Sushi Tweezers allow chefs to assemble intricate compositions on a plate. Tweezer Tongs aid the turning of food and are ideal for removing items from the vac-packing bags when cooking sous vide.

Tasting Spoons

Double ended Tasting Spoons ideal for sampling sauces, glazes and purees. Made from high quality stainless steel.

Foam Gun Holders

To hold common sized foam guns firmly in place inside the water baths, so the gun will not float even when it’s almost empty ensuring the contents remain at a constant temperature. Sizes may be mixed according to the requirement and will be delivered fully assembled. Additional clips may be ordered separately. Manufactured from stainless steel.