The Range

Clifton Food Range® sous vide water baths are available in a wide choice of capacities and styles to suit the requirements of the busy chef and kitchen. They are available as single chamber units, Duobath™ units, complete stirred baths and the popular immersion circulator which can be clipped on to a suitable gastronorm vessels or round pots.

With sizes varying from 4 litres to 56 litres the baths are suitable for small hotel/pubs, individual sections within kitchens through to larger operations such as banqueting and outside event catering companies. Food development businesses also use Clifton Food Range® baths for product/menu development for their own or their clients’ use.

Our guide to choosing the right bath The popular unstirred water baths offer a highly accurate mass of water at a stable temperature as a result of convection heating and the perforated shelf. Stirred water baths have a heater unit to one side of the chamber which incorporates a stainless steel propeller resulting in accurate control of the temperature.

Our key product lines All water baths with the exception of the 4 litre chamber have wide bore drain taps for easy emptying after service. For durability and ease of cleaning, the range is made from high quality stainless steel. Side lifting handles make movement easy and all water baths come with an easy grab distinctive orange handle on the lid. The bright display is visible from a distance and the controllers feature a timer. Low level water detection/run dry protection is standard across the range.

Specification brochure In offering such a wide choice of capacities and styles together with reliable and accurate temperature control, Clifton Food Range® are at the forefront of sous vide cooking.

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Leasing Option Now Available

Clifton Food Range is pleased to offer a leasing option that allows you to spread the cost of your equipment over an agreed period of time. Bluestone Leasing Limited is our independent finance partner and leasing specialists in catering equipment financing in the UK.

If you would like to learn more about the leasing options available to you, please call Clifton on 01934 626691.

Key Benefits of Leasing

Tax benefits – Significant savings when compared to cash.

Return on investment – Match your costs to your income over time.

Opportunity cost – Your capital can be employed elsewhere.

Fixed costs – Interest rate fixed throughout the term.

Spread VAT – VAT paid incrementally rather than all upfront.

Upgrade options – Totally flexible, upgrade at any point.