Integrated water baths

Built in water baths designed to be installed into kitchen work surfaces.

Integrated digital sous vide water baths

FX Range

The integrated digital sous vide water baths are built in water baths designed to be installed into the kitchen work surface, freeing counter top space where it is at a premium in a busy kitchen. A choice of 8 litre and 28 litre tanks are available and can be installed as single or double unstirred units, of either size and combination.

The space saving bath can be integrated into a new or existing kitchen and easily assembled using the clear, concise instruction. The unit consists of an under-mounted heater on the tank and large bore (38mm diameter) flip to drain, fitted into each tank, for connection to standard waste outlet. Control panel is brushed stainless steel, with fixing holes and graphic overlay.

Each integrated digital sous vide bath is supplied with a stainless steel lid(s) with insulated handle. Constructed from high quality stainless steel. The baths is also supplied with a removable stainless steel perforated shelf which provides effective distribution of heat uniformity throughout the bath by convection.