Immersion Circulators

Portable digital immersion circulators

Immersion circulator


Space saving clip on immersion circulator for chefs who travel and want portability or have limited space kitchens. Designed to clip onto a tank up to 56 litres. For consistent controlled cooking, Clifton immersion circulator allow chefs to cook in a precise temperature controlled environment, to produce consistently perfect results.

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Display/resolution: Digital LED/0.1°C
Temp. range: Ambient + 5°C - 95°C
Temp. setting: Push button
Stability/uniformity: ± 0.05°C
Display/resolution: Digital LED/1 minute increments
Duration: 1 minute - 99 hours
Cycle end: Audio/visual alert
Dimensions (mm) Stirrer case ~ 122w x 153d x 200h (includes handle), Guard ~ 122w x 132d x 148h, Allow 90mm at rear of unit for mains cable/ventilation
Electrical supply: 230V
Power consumption: 1.25kW
Safety: Visual 'FILL' message on low water level, Vapour barrier protection