Weston Company Supports Student Chefs in Mater Class

On Monday (9th) January, British Manufacturer Clifton Food Range, teamed up with The Chefs’ Forum and Chris Wicks (Head Chef at Old Down Manor, Bristol) to teach catering students from Weston College everything they need to know about sous vide in a sous vide master class.

The Chefs’ Forum was set up in early 2010 and has since created The Chefs’ Forum Academy at Weston College in September 2016. This is a great opportunity for students who want to work in the hospitality sector, giving them the chance to work with highly regarded chefs and top suppliers.

Clifton Food Range is part of trading company Nickel Electro Ltd, a manufacturing company of sous vide water bath in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset. For 75 years, Nickel Electro has prided themselves in manufacturing high end British products, controlling the whole production process from design through to manufacture.

The sous vide baths have become very popular since their launch into the catering industry in 2005 and have appeared on many TV programmes as well as Hollywood Blockbuster ‘Burnt’ which was released in late 2015. Viewers are able to differentiate Clifton baths from other brands due to the ‘orange handles’ which are on every single bath.


An invitation from us to you…

great-hospitality-show-2017 copy

An invitation from us to you…

Our high quality water baths are for sous vide cooking, allowing chefs to cook at precise temperatures in a controlled environment, to produce perfect results every time. Our water baths are ideal for low temperature cooking and are an indispensable piece of equipment for all leading chefs worldwide.

We will be exhibiting at The Great Hospitality Show at the NEC, Birmingham between Monday 23rd January and Wednesday 25th January and we would like to invite you to our stand 640where we will be able to provide you with more information about our sous vide products.

Our unstirred water bath range is one of our most popular with chefs. Accurate to 0.2˚C it creates a highly stable environment for food to be cooked in. The unstirred bath comes in five different sizes, ranging from 4 litres to 56 litres. It’s heated by convection which allows the water to be evenly distributed throughout the chamber. The stainless steel body provides good insulation.




In late October the English National Culinary team travelled to the Messe Erfurt in Germany to compete in the Culinary Olympics. The quadrennial event brings together over 2,000 professional chefs who compete in various categories to battle it out to win gold. The main sponsor of the four day event, World Association of Chefs, supports 30 national teams, as well as 20 junior national teams who take part in the event.

Simon Webb was captain of the English Senior Team along with longstanding Clifton Food Range supporter Nick Vadis, who guided the team to victory to bring home ‘gold’ in the Restaurant of Nations category. The team also won bronze in the international buffet category.

The English Junior Team also succeeded by winning gold in the international buffet category and bronze in the Restaurants of Nations event.

Clifton Food Range supported the team with equipment during the competition. We are very proud to be able to support such talented and inspiring chefs. Congratulations to Nick, Simon and the rest of the team on their win!

It’s beginning to look a lot like (an orange) Christmas!


It’s December and there’s not a lot of time left until one of the biggest (and busiest) days on the international holiday calendar.

If you haven’t finalised your Christmas list yet, then you should add the high quality and durable Clifton Food Range carry case to it! The easiest and most secure way to store your immersion circulator when not in use or when in transit!

The British made Clifton carry case is extremely sturdy and has a double clamp fastening system attached to the lid to ensure that the stirrer is secure in the case. The carry case has also been designed in Clifton signature orange and comes complete with protective foam inside to specifically fit your immersion circulator, power lead and plating tweezers and accessories.

To find out more about our Clifton carry case, please click here.

Clifton Food Range meets Induced Energy

In September we headed down to the latest Chefs’ Forum event in Dawlish, where Michelin starred chef Michael Wignall, from Gidleigh Park, showcased a game dish of hare cannelloni of kohlrabi, best end and loin, baked dark chocolate, Maitake mushrooms with parsnips and a hint of curry spice. The inspiring Chef used the Clifton water bath to cook the hare sous vide. He first wrapped it in cling film to keep the shape of the hare loin, vacuum sealed it and cooked at 58˚C for 22 minutes along side the parsnips at 98˚C for 1 hour. The Executive Head Chef then created a mushroom dish of Enoki, watercress, beer bubbles, black garlic, dehydrated puff potato, wet walnuts, with some Wiltshire truffle. (more…)

Let your Culinary Imagination Run Wild…

The Cliftonfreezdryer is our latest cutting edge machine which allows you to experiment and let your creativity flow, giving you the opportunity to be a unique chef with innovative ideas.

You can freeze dry almost anything from mushrooms,strawberries, carrots all the way to flowers and fresh herbs. They can then be added to stocks, sauces and stews and will rehydrate almost as fresh as when they were first prepared. The flavours and the smells are also retained, as well as all the nutritional content.

Bulk freeze drying is also possible if the products are stored in airtight containers, or are vacuum packed to prevent reabsorption.

When freeze drying products, they will have to be frozen beforehand. Freezing the food items converts the moisture in the products into ice and when they’re freeze dried the vacuum removes the ice as a vapour without going through the stage of becoming a liquid again, this process is called sublimation.

If you would like any more information on our freeze dryer click here to download the spec sheet, or drop us an email with any questions you have!

Accessorise with Clifton…

Immersion grid IGE28

We cater for all your sous vide needs!

If you’re looking for a sous vide accessory, we’ve got you covered! From mini partition dividersplating tweezers to probe kits.

Immersion Grids

A chef essential when using the water baths. Made from high quality stainless steel in our factory in Weston-super-Mare. The easy to clean grids are suitable for all unstirrered sous vide baths.

They’re used to keep food pouches under the water, this helps to ensure even cooking throughout the sous vide process.

The immersion grid can be used with both bi-fold and flat lift off lids. The grid easily clips onto the edge of the water baths.

Bi-Fold Lids

Great if you have a 14, 28 or 56 litre unstirred or compact bath. The lid is secured onto the back of the machine and then pushes back to reveal the chamber inside.There is no need to find somewhere for the lid to go when it has been removed – very handy when there isn’t a lot of room in the kitchen.

If you’re looking at purchasing a stirred bath, the bi-fold lid comes already fitted to the tank!

As with all of our lids, they’re made of stainless steel and have an insulated Clifton orange handle.

The Two Go Hand in Hand…


The Clifton Immersion Circulator is our space saving sous vide stirrer which clips onto a stainless steel or polycarbonate gastronorm container up to 56 litres (2/1 gastro tank). Suitable for travelling chefs or those who want flexibility when cooking sous vide.

The portable stirrer is manufactured from high quality stainless steel to ensure durability. The stirrer cage has been designed to protect the food pouches from the propeller, so that the two do not come into contact. When cleaning, the cage can be easily removed. The double clamping system ensures the stirrer is secure when in position on the tank.

When not in use the Immersion Circulator can easily be stored in our Clifton carry case which has been specifically designed to fit the portable stirrer. This is perfect for chefs who travel or who often do demos. The case can easily be stored away when not in use and protects the stirrer from getting damaged in a busy kitchen.

The Clifton orange case has enough room inside for the cable, plating tweezers and various other accessories which may be needed for travel.



In early Spring a group of trained Army and RAF chefs and chef lecturers joined us for two days in our development kitchen for a day of fun with our water baths.

Development Chef Dez Turland from Saunton Sands Hotel, North Devon led the demos, cooking up some delicious sous vide dishes. Highlighting the tastes and textures of various meats which had been cooked sous vide.

Chef Dez cooked up some dishes from Saunton Sand’s menu, which included sous vide beef picanha, beef blade, chicken legs and pork belly.

During the visit, the chefs were able to tour the factory and see the baths being manufactured as well as see our sizable vegetable patch, orchard and bee hives.

If you would like to come down to our development kitchen in Weston-super-Mare and learn more about Clifton Food Range and sous vide,  please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01934 626691 or email

Sinagpore Success!


In April we attended Singapore’s largest food and hotel exhibition, FHA (International Food and Hotel Asia).

We had a large range of water baths on display, including the extremely popular immersion circulator and some of our must have sous vide accessories, including plating tweezers and double ended tasting spoons.

We shared a stand with out exclusive distributor in Singapore and would like to thank them for their support.

The exhibition was a great success; it was great to meet so many new, as well as existing customers from a wide international audience.