Williams F1 and Clifton Food Range® Race Ahead

Williams F1 Team have been using Clifton Food Range® water baths for two years now. They were first introduced to the team by Michael Caines who joined Williams F1 at the beginning of 2011.

Williams F1 Head Chef Adam Dixon comments; “The water baths provide a consistent quality product and enables a quick and slick service in a short time frame from a very small kitchen. They have given us a new direction in which we are able to work and are trying new things to keep us at the cutting edge of F1 catering”

Michael Caines has been a long standing Clifton Food Range® customer and comments; “The water baths are a key element within my kitchen and offer us a number of advantages from their usage. The impact that they are making in the way that we now work is significant, as is the quality of delivery as a result.”

Clifton Food Range® are delighted they can continue to support the Williams F1 Team by providing consistently reliable equipment which supports the highly qualified and skilled F1 chefs, while they produce outstanding dishes for their guests.