The New Cliftonfoodfuge Centrifuge

Clifton Food Range® are delighted to announce the arrival of their new centrifuge. Ideal for chefs that want to push boundaries, experiment with new and exciting techniques and create intense flavours and textures. The Cliftonfoodfuge centrifuge allows the chef to discover an exciting new dimension to food by breaking it down to its component parts.

The Cliftonfoodfuge is a compact table top high speed unit taking 4 x 250ml tubes on a swing out rotor. After blitzing down food items e.g tomatoes, grapefruit in a blender, they can be placed into the tubes and spun at high speed to separate particulates from liquids, extracting all the flavour.

The Cliftonfoodfuge will separate the components of the food by density, so that heavier components are at the base and liquid at the top. This produces clear intense flavoured liquids which can then be used as part of a dish or in a cocktail.

Play with peoples’ senses. When foods are spun down, flavours alter and colours change dramatically. For example, tomatoes spin down to create an intense clear transparent liquid.

Clifton Food Range® will be exhibiting the new Cliftonfoodfuge at this year’s Hospitality Show. They are also offering chefs the chance to come down to their development kitchen and trial the centrifuge for themselves. This is an open invitation, so please get in contact if you would like to organise a visit.