Olly Rouse brings sous vide back to basics with inspiring demo at Lainston House

Clifton Food Range Olly Rouse Demo

Olly demonstrating Squab Pigeon

Olly Rouse, Head Chef of Lainston House, demonstrated some tasty sous vide dishes at the Hampshire Chef Forum event this month. Olly has been a great supporter of Clifton water baths right from the early days from 2005.

Olly brought sous vide ‘back to basics’ and talked through times and temperatures, as well as explaining the benefits of the slow cooking method. He demonstrated sous vide Squab pigeon with shallot and olive salsa and white cauliflower puree and then showcased a ‘melt in the mouth’ pork belly dish, served with crunchy fennel crumble.

Andrew Mackenzie and The Exclusive Chefs’ Academy also cooked up some venison using the Clifton bath. The day was a roaring sous vide success and we thank Olly for his continued support in promoting our orange handled baths!

If you’d like to know more about our baths or have a demo in our Clifton development kitchen, then please get in contact.