An invitation from us to you…

An invitation from us to you…

Our high quality water baths are for sous vide cooking, allowing chefs to cook at precise temperatures in a controlled environment, to produce perfect results every time. Our water baths are ideal for low temperature cooking and are an indispensable piece of equipment for all leading chefs worldwide.

We will be exhibiting at The Great Hospitality Show at the NEC, Birmingham between Monday 23rd January and Wednesday 25th January and we would like to invite you to our stand 640where we will be able to provide you with more information about our sous vide products.

Our unstirred water bath range is one of our most popular with chefs. Accurate to 0.2˚C it creates a highly stable environment for food to be cooked in. The unstirred bath comes in five different sizes, ranging from 4 litres to 56 litres. It’s heated by convection which allows the water to be evenly distributed throughout the chamber. The stainless steel body provides good insulation.

This range is also available as duobaths™ i.e. two independent chambers in one space saving unit. In addition we offer Compact baths for limited space kitchens.

The stirred water bath comes in three different sizes, 14 litres, 28 litres and 56 litres each with multi directional stirrer.  Heated by an immersed element it stirs the water creating a highly stable environment, accurate to 0.01˚C. A bi-fold hinged lid comes complete with the 28 and 56 litre water baths.

The portable immersion circulator is another very popular product that we have to offer. Useful for chefs who have limited space in the kitchen, travel or who do demonstrations. We also offer a carry case which will neatly fit the immersion circulator; ensuring that the unit is safe during transit.  The circulator works by clamping onto a gastronorm container, up to 56 litres, or suitable circular stock pot and then heats and stirs the water to within 0.03°C. Accessory lids can also be purchased to fit the gastronorm containers when using our immersion circulator.

Accessories include a thermometer and probe kit, a wide range of tweezers for plate dressing etc and double ended tasting spoons.

We hope to see you at the 2017 Great Hospitality Show!