Clifton Immersion Grids

We have launched a new Immersion Grid that is used to keep food items immersed under water whilst in the bath.

The grids are ideal for long slow cooks, especially those which are over night. Light weight items in vacuum bags can sometimes float to the surface of the water bath and this stainless steel grid will ensure that the bags are immersed under water at all times. This results in even and uniform cooking throughout the whole sous vide process.

The immersion grid simply sits in the water bath and clips onto the edges of the bath. The stainless steel flat lids can still be used when using an immersion grid.

The immersion grids are available in a variety of different sizes to suit your water bath. You can view these new products on the Clifton Food Range exhibition stand (E49) at this year’s Restaurant Show at Earls Court2, 7-9th October.

If you would like additional information or prices for the grids, please get in touch on 01934 626691 or email