NEW Clifton Food Range® Sushi Tweezers

The latest addition to the Clifton Tweezer range are the NEW Sushi Tweezers ideal for dressing plates with micro herbs and delicate leaves such as celery cress, asparagus shoots, cress leaves and radish and pea shoots.

The curve in the sushi tweezers allow the chef to get closer to the plate than normally achieved with straight micro tweezers. The curve helps achieve greater accuracy and precision when plating up and are comfortable to use.

The curved tweezers are a great addition to the pastry section enabling the chef to handle tempered chocolate without touching it with their warm hands. They are also ideal for intricate tasks such as sugar craft and hot sugar work.

Sushi Tweezers help control the look and presentation of the dish and also the way the dish tastes. Chefs can position stronger tasting herbs exactly where they want them to ensure the consumer gets the right flavours at the right time.

The sushi tweezers are made from high quality stainless steel and are available in two different sizes, 140mm and 200mm.