Clifton Food Range® Announce The Arrival Of Their New Freezdryer

This cutting edge benchtop freeze dryer known as the Cliftonfreezdryer is the latest addition to the Clifton Food Range®. The unit offers sophistication and simplicity of use. It allows innovation in texture, flavour and appearance. Create your own flaked or powdered mushrooms, bananas, tomatoes, strawberries etc, giving full flavour and unusual mouthfeel. The components can be used to compliment your own culinary creativity.

Added to stocks, sauces and other prepared meals, the freeze dried items will rehydrate to be almost as fresh as the day they were first prepared. The flavours, smells and nutritional content remains unchanged.

Melvin Dickson, Managing Director of Clifton Food Range® comments; “We are really pleased to be offering chefs this new and exciting product. The results that can be achieved with the Cliftonfreezdyer are remarkable.” (more…)

The New Clifton Food Range® Centrifuge in Action

PLEASE NOTE: The rotor is shown spinning in this video to give an idea of how it works. In practice the centrifuge CANNOT be operated without the lid firmly closed which will be locked for safety once the rotor starts to spin.
This video is copyright to Clifton Food Range®

The New Cliftonfoodfuge Centrifuge

Clifton Food Range® are delighted to announce the arrival of their new centrifuge. Ideal for chefs that want to push boundaries, experiment with new and exciting techniques and create intense flavours and textures. The Cliftonfoodfuge centrifuge allows the chef to discover an exciting new dimension to food by breaking it down to its component parts.

The Cliftonfoodfuge is a compact table top high speed unit taking 4 x 250ml tubes on a swing out rotor. After blitzing down food items e.g tomatoes, grapefruit in a blender, they can be placed into the tubes and spun at high speed to separate particulates from liquids, extracting all the flavour.

The Cliftonfoodfuge will separate the components of the food by density, so that heavier components are at the base and liquid at the top. This produces clear intense flavoured liquids which can then be used as part of a dish or in a cocktail. (more…)

A Fresh and Exciting Design…. Clifton Food Range® Announce Their New Stirred Water Baths

Clifton Food Range® have redesigned their range of stirred water baths to include a rotating multi-directional stirrer unit with a cleverly fixed hinged lid.

The new 14 litre and 28 litre stirred water baths consist of an unheated stainless steel tank housed in a stainless steel case. To one side is a bridge unit which has an immersion circulator fitted. The new fixed immersion circulator controller can now be rotated so that the bath can be used ‘side to side’ or end on to optimise ‘left to right’ counter top space. It can also be rotated so it can be viewed from any angle of the kitchen. As the stirrer rotates through 3 main principle viewing angles, the chef can choose whether the lid opens on the left hand side of the tank, or the right.

There is also a new stainless steel integral bi-folding lid (registered design) with an easy grab insulated handle. The clever design of the concertina lid can be pushed open to reveal the chamber and as the lid is attached to the water bath, there is no need to find a place to put it when removed. The 14 litre bath has a smaller hinged lid attached which covers the surface area of the bath and can easily be lifted up to remain in position when adding food items to the water bath. (more…)

Introducing the New 8 Litre Compact Duobath™ from Clifton Food Range®

Clifton Food Range® takes great pleasure in introducing their new 8 litre Compact Duobath™ ~ a variation on the popular 8 litre Duobath ™.

With the controls placed on the narrow end, the whole unit can be run from ‘front to back’ on the counter top. This results in a saving where space is at a premium in busy kitchens. Drain taps for each chamber are located on the front panel making it easy to clean and use.

The Compact Duobath™ allows the chef to cook at two different temperatures simultaneously and with two different liquids, e.g. water in one side and oil in the other. The Duobath ™ includes a run-dry protection function, low water level warning and current time and temperature settings will be retained in memory even after ‘power off’. The side lifting handles are offset to ensure that the bath is balanced when carried around the kitchen.

Managing Director, Melvin Dickson says: “We are really excited to have expanded our range of baths to now offer chefs a variation on the popular 8 litre Duobath™. This model not only allows the chef to use two chambers at any one time, but makes more efficient use of counter top space used in busy kitchens.”

All products in the Clifton Food Range® are manufactured in the UK and come with a 2-year warranty.


New 14 Litre Digital Duobath™

Clifton Food Range® takes great pleasure in introducing their new 14 litre digital Duobath™, which is designed for sous vide and low temperature cooking in the professional kitchen. This latest model has two 14 litre chambers, built specifically to operate at two different temperatures simultaneously and with two different liquids e.g water in one side and oil in the other.


Get to Grips with the New Clifton Food Range® Tweezers

Clifton Food Range® takes great pleasure in introducing their new range of chefs’ Tweezers designed for aiding the cooking, dressing and presentation of dishes.

These tweezers are fast becoming an indispensable piece of equipment for chefs who rely on working quickly with precision. They allow the chef to assemble intricate compositions on the plate with ease and consistency every time. (more…)

Seeing Double with the New Tasting Spoons from Clifton Food Range®

Clifton Food Range® has introduced a range of double ended chefs’ Tasting Spoons as part of their new chefs’ accessories range. The spoons are ideal for sampling sauces, glazes and purees. They are also ideal for stirring, saucing plates and forming quenelles out of sorbets.


Clifton Food Range® Introduce the New Digital Thermometer and Probe Kit

Clifton Food Range® is delighted to unveil the latest addition to its portfolio of specialist culinary equipment, a Digital Thermometer and Probe Kit. It is perfect for sous vide cooking as it allows the user to measure the core temperature of food in a sealed vacuum bag. The apparatus is designed to allow the needle probe to be passed through a foam seal placed on the vacuum pouch, so that the vacuum is maintained as the probe is withdrawn.


Clifton Food Range® Causes a Stir With The Portable Clip-On Digital Immersion Circulator

Clifton Food Range® takes great pleasure in introducing the space-saving, clip-on immersion circulator, the latest addition to their market leading sous vide cookery appliance range.

It is ideal for chefs who only need a circulator occasionally or simply require portability. The design has been sanctioned by professional chefs and can be fitted in seconds to a standard gastronorm tank or round straight-sided vessel of up to 50 litres (diameter 40cm). And being small in size, it is easily stored. (more…)