Proud to be Made in Britian

We are members of the Made In Britain organisation which supports UK brands and helps consumers recognise British manufactured products. The Made In Britain marque was created to help consumers identify and choose British made goods and will appear on our products, advertising and literature to celebrate the recognition of British products. If you would like to come and visit us to see our manufacturing process and tour our factory, please get in touch with us.

Integrated Built In Water Baths

Clifton built in water baths are designed to be installed into your kitchen work surface, freeing counter top space where it is at a premium in a busy kitchen.

A choice of 8 litre and 28 litre tanks are available and can be installed as single or double units of either size. Using the same high precision PID controller found on all Clifton Food Range products, accuracy and repeatability are guaranteed.

The space saving bath can be integrated into a new or existing kitchen establishment and easily assembled using the clear, concise instructions. For more information on the integrated baths, download the spec sheet or call us on +44 (0)1934 626691.

NEW FL4CD – Stirrer with Extendable Arms

A new Clifton gadget enters the busy working kitchens! This removable, digital immersion circulator has extendable stainless steel arms which can be attached to any gastronorm container or built in tank up to 56 litres. It’s ideal for new kitchen installations, where sous vide can be built into the work surface.

Designed for adapting bain maries from multi cookers, pasta cookers, to use as a water bath with precise temperature control.

For chefs that want portability or have limited space in the kitchen this high quality immersion circulator can be easily fitted. It has extendable arms up which reach up to 640mm when in full extension. The stirrer will rotate through 360 degrees so the controller can be viewed from any angle in the kitchen. When not in use, the immersion circulator can be easily stored away taking up little space. Give us a call to find out more, or download our spec sheet here.

Clifton gets a New Look with 360 Degree Product Images

We are excited to announce our website has been updated with new 360 degree rotating product images. We understand that when purchasing a new water bath it is good to be able to view the product in detail before making your final choice. Our website now allows you to spin the water baths 360 degrees to show you drain tap outlet, switch, lead and controller position.

The moving imagery will also show you the rotating stirrer head on our stirred baths and the bi-fold accessory lid in action. There is a zoom tool option that allows you to view the product in more detail. We are proud to be British Manufacturers and we hope these images will help you appreciate the quality of our products.

Please take a look at our new product pages.

NEW Carry Case for Clifton Circulator

No more carrier bags, ruck sacks, holdalls or crates! The NEW Clifton carry case designed for the Clip on immersion circulator is arriving soon! This sturdy flight case will protect your stirrer whilst in transit or stored away when not in use. Ideal for traveling chefs and demonstrators. Designed in our signature orange, this case comes complete with a protective foam inside, which fits your stirrer, power lead and a pocket for your plating tweezers. There are two metal toggle catch clasps which ensure your case is securely fastened and a hinged lid opening. We thought we’d give you a sneak peak at this new product which will be available to buy very soon. Keep visiting our website or join our mailing list for more information.

Clifton Immersion Grids

We have launched a new Immersion Grid that is used to keep food items immersed under water whilst in the bath.

The grids are ideal for long slow cooks, especially those which are over night. Light weight items in vacuum bags can sometimes float to the surface of the water bath and this stainless steel grid will ensure that the bags are immersed under water at all times. This results in even and uniform cooking throughout the whole sous vide process.

The immersion grid simply sits in the water bath and clips onto the edges of the bath. The stainless steel flat lids can still be used when using an immersion grid.

The immersion grids are available in a variety of different sizes to suit your water bath. You can view these new products on the Clifton Food Range exhibition stand (E49) at this year’s Restaurant Show at Earls Court2, 7-9th October.

If you would like additional information or prices for the grids, please get in touch on 01934 626691 or email

New Clifton Bottlewarmer Causes Excitement Amongst Chefs & Front of House

We have launched a new exciting product. The Clifton Bottlewarmer is a stainless steel unit that keeps bottles warm for chefs to use when plating up. The compact 4 litre unit is ideal for busy, fast working kitchens and can be placed on the pass to keep the sauces bottles warm and to hand.

The Clifton Bottlewarmer can also be used front of house and in cocktail bars, ideal for fluid gels and purees. As well as in the pastry section in a kitchen, for chocolate sauce etc.

The unit has a removable stainless steel bottle holder with 8 holes that fit 8 clear plastic sauce bottles. (diameter of 50mm) The bottles are kept warm in the unit. The dial on the front of the Clifton Bottlewarmer can be easily adjusted to the desired temperature and to a maximum of 60 degrees celsius.

The bottles will stay upright in the stainless steel holder inside the unit. When not in use, the stainless steel bottle holder can be removed for easy cleaning. Easy on/off push button switch found on the front of the control unit. In common with all Clifton products, this Bottlewarmer is powered from a standard 13 amp wall socket.

New Clifton Integral Bi-fold Lids


Clifton Food Range® are pleased to announce the launch of their new integral bi-fold lids to fit a range of Clifton unstirred and compact water baths. These lids will fit the 14 litre, 28 litre and 56 litre baths.

The clever design of the concertina lid on the 28 litre and 56 litre baths means they can be pushed open to reveal the chamber and as the lid is attached to the bath, there is no need to find a place to put the lid when removed.

The 14 litre bath has a smaller hinged lid attached, which covers the surface area of the bath and can easily be lifted up to remain in position when adding food items to the water bath.

Made from high quality stainless steel, with an easy grip insulated handle, this is a registered design belonging to Clifton Food Range®.

These lids can be purchased as an accessory.

NEW Clifton Food Range® Sushi Tweezers

The latest addition to the Clifton Tweezer range are the NEW Sushi Tweezers ideal for dressing plates with micro herbs and delicate leaves such as celery cress, asparagus shoots, cress leaves and radish and pea shoots.

The curve in the sushi tweezers allow the chef to get closer to the plate than normally achieved with straight micro tweezers. The curve helps achieve greater accuracy and precision when plating up and are comfortable to use.

The curved tweezers are a great addition to the pastry section enabling the chef to handle tempered chocolate without touching it with their warm hands. They are also ideal for intricate tasks such as sugar craft and hot sugar work.

Sushi Tweezers help control the look and presentation of the dish and also the way the dish tastes. Chefs can position stronger tasting herbs exactly where they want them to ensure the consumer gets the right flavours at the right time.

The sushi tweezers are made from high quality stainless steel and are available in two different sizes, 140mm and 200mm.

The New Clifton Food Range® Freezdryer in Action

This video is copyright to Clifton Food Range®