Benefits of sous vide

“No other machine on the market has the precision of a Clifton..”

Marcus Wilcox
Owner of sienna restaurant in Dorchester and Masterchef Quarter Finalist 2013.

What is sous vide

A short history on sous vide and how it can benefit the working kitchen.

Advantages of
sous vide

A quick guide on how the Clifton Food Range bath can benefit you and your customers.

3 Ways to save money

How you can save money when using a sous vide water bath.

Why cook sous vide?

Taste, texture, colours, creativity opportunities, advanced preparation of fully cooked items ‘smooth out demand’.
Less stress.

Portable Immersion circulator

Precision immersion circulator for use with a variety of sizes of container.


Designed to keep sauces and liquids warm for dressing plates.

Our Demo Kitchen

The best way to experience sous vide is by visiting us here in Weston-Super-Mare. Our demo kitchen has the whole range of products.

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