Advantages of sous vide cooking

 Why sous vide?

  • Prime and secondary cuts of meat can be used
  • Many food items can be cooked overnight
  • Low energy consumption as opposed to oven/gas range
  • Shelf life is extended
  • Reduce portions/meat bills by up to 20% ~ profitability




Sous vide cooking for…..

  • Intense flavours
  • Tender textures
  • Vibrant colours
  • Food cooked evenly throughout
  • Consistent results every time

Cooking at lower temperatures for extended periods of time has a wide range of benefits

  • Preserves flavour and aroma as water-soluble substances especially aromatics are not lost
  • Flavours are enhanced; colours retained and less salt is required
  • Nutrients are preserved, as water-soluble minerals are not leached into cooking water as poaching in a vacuum bag eliminates this
  • Research has shown that sous vide gives the highest retention of vitamins vs. steaming and boiling
  • Little additional fat required during cooking
  • Consistent results every time a dish is cooked