Food Wastage

The Modern day kitchen is evolving and changing everyday.  Everyone is doing their best to be friendly to the environment and reduce waste and costs in the kitchen. There are plenty of moral reasons to ‘go green’ but one of the main deciding factors is of course cost. Kitchens waste tons of food on a daily basis, According to the food app ‘Too Good to go’ in the UK alone we throw away 320 million meals a year and costing nearly £2.5 billion a year.

At Clifton Food Range we have always been environmentally friendly. From our own company garden to our products, our Clifton Food Range sous vide water baths are designed to use as little energy as possible to reduce the energy costs. Once the baths are at a set temperature the controller is specifically programmed to use minimum energy to maintain temperature.

With the sous vide process the food can be precooked, stored in chilled conditions and regenerated to order.

By using a Clifton Food Range sous vide water bath you are not only making all your meals to a high precision, enhanced textured, great tasting meal with minimal shrinkage and yield but you will be also be cutting the costs of food wastage in the kitchen and your energy bills.

Some Advantages of using sous vide:

Less portion shrinkage

Lower energy consumption

Less food wastage

Lower recipe ingredients cost.

Leads to improved margin