In early Spring a group of trained Army and RAF chefs and chef lecturers joined us for two days in our development kitchen for a day of fun with our water baths.

Development Chef Dez Turland from Saunton Sands Hotel, North Devon led the demos, cooking up some delicious sous vide dishes. Highlighting the tastes and textures of various meats which had been cooked sous vide.

Chef Dez cooked up some dishes from Saunton Sand’s menu, which included sous vide beef picanha, beef blade, chicken legs and pork belly.

During the visit, the chefs were able to tour the factory and see the baths being manufactured as well as see our sizable vegetable patch, orchard and bee hives.

If you would like to come down to our development kitchen in Weston-super-Mare and learn more about Clifton Food Range and sous vide,  please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01934 626691 or email