Bee Hives, The Bug Hotel and Our Productive Clifton Garden

Here at Clifton, we are always conscious of the natural environment and do our best to be as sustainable as possible. We have a large garden at the back of our factory which includes a sizeable vegetable and herb patch and an orchard of apples, plums and pears. We have two bee hives at the bottom of the garden, where the bees are hard at work producing honey.

Not many people would think we have such a productive garden behind our factory premises, but as spring is upon us, our Clifton garden is now coming back to life and we wanted to share it with you.

Our latest addition to the Clifton garden is our new Bug Hotel. Full of nooks, crannies and secret dark places, the hotel is a perfect resting place for bugs to hide during the cold nights, bad weather and a safe retreat from predators. We are also currently planting a native hedge that will eventually be a haven for birds to nest, and our two wildlife ponds are currently accommodating a mass of frogspawn.

The New Clifton Food Range® Freezdryer in Action

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