Highlights In The Highlands For Clifton Food Range®

Clifton Food Range® had another successful day at this year’s Scottish Chefs Conference, where Mark Greenaway, Lisa Allen and Will Holland used the Clifton water baths during their informative demonstrations. The event is held for chefs and colleges to come together to acquire knowledge and techniques from some of the most respected chefs in the world. It’s a chance to meet suppliers offering the latest products and cutting edge innovations as well as network with fellow chefs and trade members.

During the demonstrations, Mark Greenaway commented that sous vide is a new way of cooking but a very traditional method and that he felt lucky to have the Clifton bath in his kitchen. Lisa Allan said it was really good to be able to be surrounded by suppliers at an event such as SCC where the chef can meet with the trade to see what the do, what the offer and who they are.

Will Holland gave a demonstration along with his junior sous chef, Liam Dillon and focused on ‘The Water Bath in the Modern Kitchen.’ Will has been a great supporter of Clifton Food Range® products for many years. It was a real honour to see him using the baths as a focal point during his demonstration. (more…)

A Fresh and Exciting Design…. Clifton Food Range® Announce Their New Stirred Water Baths

Clifton Food Range® have redesigned their range of stirred water baths to include a rotating multi-directional stirrer unit with a cleverly fixed hinged lid.

The new 14 litre and 28 litre stirred water baths consist of an unheated stainless steel tank housed in a stainless steel case. To one side is a bridge unit which has an immersion circulator fitted. The new fixed immersion circulator controller can now be rotated so that the bath can be used ‘side to side’ or end on to optimise ‘left to right’ counter top space. It can also be rotated so it can be viewed from any angle of the kitchen. As the stirrer rotates through 3 main principle viewing angles, the chef can choose whether the lid opens on the left hand side of the tank, or the right.

There is also a new stainless steel integral bi-folding lid (registered design) with an easy grab insulated handle. The clever design of the concertina lid can be pushed open to reveal the chamber and as the lid is attached to the water bath, there is no need to find a place to put it when removed. The 14 litre bath has a smaller hinged lid attached which covers the surface area of the bath and can easily be lifted up to remain in position when adding food items to the water bath. (more…)

Introducing the New 8 Litre Compact Duobath™ from Clifton Food Range®

Clifton Food Range® takes great pleasure in introducing their new 8 litre Compact Duobath™ ~ a variation on the popular 8 litre Duobath ™.

With the controls placed on the narrow end, the whole unit can be run from ‘front to back’ on the counter top. This results in a saving where space is at a premium in busy kitchens. Drain taps for each chamber are located on the front panel making it easy to clean and use.

The Compact Duobath™ allows the chef to cook at two different temperatures simultaneously and with two different liquids, e.g. water in one side and oil in the other. The Duobath ™ includes a run-dry protection function, low water level warning and current time and temperature settings will be retained in memory even after ‘power off’. The side lifting handles are offset to ensure that the bath is balanced when carried around the kitchen.

Managing Director, Melvin Dickson says: “We are really excited to have expanded our range of baths to now offer chefs a variation on the popular 8 litre Duobath™. This model not only allows the chef to use two chambers at any one time, but makes more efficient use of counter top space used in busy kitchens.”

All products in the Clifton Food Range® are manufactured in the UK and come with a 2-year warranty.