Clifton Food Range® Water Baths Lead the Competition in the Toque D’Or® 2010

Clifton Food Range® water baths are to be part of this year’s challenging Nestlé Toque d’Or® competition that provides catering students with the chance to gain hands–on practical experience whilst using specialist apparatus. It helps to bridge the gap between the professionals and students, enabling the latter to access a ‘lifetime’s experience in one competition’


Clifton Food Range® Water Baths to Star in BBC2’s ‘Great British Menu’

Once again Clifton Food Range® water baths are making an appearance on this year’s Great British Menu. Following Sat Bains winning starter that utilised one of the baths in 2007 and Glynn Purnell’s conquering spiced monkfish with red lentils in 2009, the distinctive orange–handled water baths are proving indispensable in 2010 as the cutting–edge item of cookware in the competition’s kitchens.